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Shakuhachi Flute Headjoint

The shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese bamboo flute, famous for its unique and deep sound, as well as its aesthetic simplicity. Inspired by these, Lavoie headjoints are made with grenadilla wood and are designed to be played with a modern flute.

The sound of the shakuhachi is often described as close to nature, with an expressive quality that can imitate wind, water, or even the human voice. This expressiveness is largely due to the way the air interacts with the embouchure. Utaguchi allows for subtle variations in sound, whether through controlling intonation, modulating harmonics, or adjusting microtones.

The shakuhachi embouchure is distinct and notable for its apparent simplicity but functional complexity. It consists of a notch called utaguchi (唄口), literally “singing mouth”. 

Mastering the embouchure of the shakuhachi requires diligent practice. Here are some key technical aspects :

  • Lips position: Lips should be slightly moist and firm. They are placed just above the edge of the mouthpiece, so as to direct the airflow precisely onto the utaguchi.

  • Blowing angle: The angle between the airflow and the mouthpiece is critical. Too high or too low an angle may prevent sound from being produced or degrade sound quality. The player continually adjusts this angle to modulate pitches and timbres.

  • Air pressure: The force of the breath directly influences the tonality and dynamics of the sound produced. Too much or too little pressure can result in an unpleasant sound or loss of tone control.​ ​

Lavoie Shakuhachi headjoints

Lavoie Shakuhachi flute headjoints are made from grenadilla wood that has been dried for more than 5 years. The ring is made of aluminum and has the advantage of remaining shiny and polished for a very long time. The tenon is made of brass, guaranteeing durability.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase our protection and maintenance kit. This will allow you to keep your headjoint in good condition and keep it in good condition for decades. The protection and maintenance set consists of a case, an oiling stick, a wiping stick and a wipe.

Playing with the Shakuhachi flute headjoint requires holding the flute vertically. This may cause difficulty holding the instrument. We suggest you get a thumb rest which will help you hold the flute well and increase your endurance.

Perfect tenon fit is crucial for optimal resonance. Although flute tenons have a similar inside diameter (19 mm), the thickness of the tube varies. The tenons of the Shakuhachi Lavoie headjoints are handmade and their external diameter can vary from one to another. At the time of your purchase, let us know what the outside diameter of your flute tenon is and we will send you a headjoint that will be either perfect for your flute or smaller. In this case, you will receive with your head pieces of metal sheet that can be easily added to the tenon of your head for a perfect fit.

Technical Specifications:

- Materials: grenadilla (Dalgerbia melanoxylon) dried for more than 5 years

- Bagues et Tenon : Aluminium et Brass


Avantages :

​- Sound similar to the original Shakuhachi flute

- Powerfull sound and projection

- Exceptional projection

- Competitive price

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