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Student Flute Headjoint

The Lavoie wooden Étude flute headjoint is the basic model of the symphonic head. It is also made with grenadilla wood, the species par excellence for its sound qualities, notably its warmth, richness and timbre. The differences between the Étude head and the Lavoie symphonic headjoint concern the precious aspect of the materials: the rings are made of aluminum and the tenon in brass compared to rings/tenons in sterling silver or gold for the symphonic heads.  The wood is grade B rather than A. The lips plate have a more standard shape. The embouchure, however, is similar to that of symphonic headjoints.  We thus obtain high performance at lower costs.  It becomes perfect for students, amateur musicians as well as for jazz wind instrumentalists who double on the flute for example.  The playing is easy, the expressiveness is rich with the woody, round and warm color of the tone while the projection is also there thanks to the choice of wood and the know-how of its design.

It is possible to add a Symphonic stopper-crown system to the Student flute headjoint. This gives you, in a way, two heads or at least two different sounds. The symphonic cap/crown assembly produces a very powerful sound perfect for playing in the orchestra and in situations where the flautist must project through other musicians. The basic crown cap assembly produces a woody sound perfect for studio recording.

TETE DE FLUTE HEADJOINT bouchon couronne 1.jpg
TETE DE FLUTE HEADJOINT bouchon couronne 4W6A8549-3_edited.jpg
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