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Quena Flute Headjoint

The Quena flute, an emblematic instrument of the Andes, is distinguished by its unique mouthpiece, which plays a crucial role in producing its characteristic sound. Made with grenadilla or mopane wood, these notched heads have a simple but ingenious design, allowing you to give a completely different sound to your flute.

The embouchure of the Lavoie quena heads consists of a V-shaped notch, located at the upper end of the instrument. To produce sound, the musician gently blows on this notch, directing the air across the sharp edge of the notch. This process requires precise mastery of lip position and breath control. Unlike recorders, where sound is more easily generated, Quena embouchure requires refined technique and increased sensitivity to achieve the desired notes.


This particularity of the mouthpiece gives the Quena a soft, airy and slightly melancholy sound, which evokes the vast Andean landscapes and the ancestral traditions of the region. Mastery of embouchure allows the musician to vary the intensity and timbre of notes, adding emotional depth to the music played. By blowing harder or softer, and changing the angle of the air, the player can explore a rich and expressive sonic palette.


The history of the Quena, dating back several millennia, shows that the art of playing this instrument has always required an intimate connection between the musician and his instrument. The Andean peoples used the quena not only for everyday music, but also for rituals and ceremonies, where the mouthpiece played a central role in creating the sacred and contemplative atmosphere.


Lavoie Quena headjoints

Lavoie Quena flute headjoints are made from grenadilla wood that has been dried for more than 5 years. The ring is made of aluminum and has the advantage of remaining shiny and polished for a very long time. The tenon is made of brass, guaranteeing durability.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase our protection and maintenance kit. This will allow you to keep your headjoint in good condition and keep it in good condition for decades. The protection and maintenance set consists of a case, an oiling stick, a wiping stick and a wipe.

Playing with the Quena flute headjoint requires holding the flute vertically. This may cause difficulty holding the instrument. We suggest you get a thumb rest which will help you hold the flute well and increase your endurance.

​Perfect tenon fit is crucial for optimal resonance. Although flute tenons have a similar inside diameter (19 mm), the thickness of the tube varies. The tenons of the Quena Lavoie headjoints are handmade and their external diameter can vary from one to another. At the time of your purchase, let us know what the outside diameter of your flute tenon is and we will send you a headjoint that will be either perfect for your flute or smaller. In this case, you will receive with your head pieces of metal sheet that can be easily added to the tenon of your head for a perfect fit.

Technical Specifications:

- Materials: grenadilla (Dalgerbia melanoxylon) dried for more than 5 years

- Bagues et Tenon : Aluminium et Brass


Avantages :

​- Sound similar to the original Quena flute

- Powerfull sound and projection

- Exceptional projection

- Competitive price

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