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Semi-Baroque Flute Headjoint

 The Lavoie semi-baroque flute headjoint is characterized by its oval mouthpiece, ideal for the flautist looking for a sound and feel different from modern flutes. The oval embouchure tends to imitate the mouthpiece of the old flute but has the same dimensions as that of a modern headstock. This requires very little adaptation for the flutist.

Crafted from a baroque aesthetic, it is made primarily of boxwood, the wood par excellence for baroque recorders and traverses. We choose to also use grenadilla. These 2 species are recognized for their exceptional sound qualities. Each type of wood influences the sound characteristics of the flute, including its warmth, richness and timbre; and certainly offers a unique sonic palette and additional expressiveness.

Each piece of wood is carefully selected to offer the highest standards of quality and beauty. Drying 5 years or more, rich wood grains and closed pores, no knots, etc. As for the manufacturing know-how, it comes from a combination of traditional turning, digital machining and also requires fine hand work.

 The Lavoie semi-baroque flute headjoint also has a 100% handmade wooden cap-crown system to give the most woody sound color possible.
Very durable thanks to its modern design of wood and metal, it is still appropriate to warn the user that wooden heads require special maintenance due to the sensitivity of wood to humidity. They must be regularly cleaned and dried after use to avoid any deterioration. (see the care and maintenance method)

Main Features: ​
- sound of the traverso
- ideal for baroque music and early music
- small oval mouthpiece
- grenadilla wood or others
- fake ivory ring
- brass tenon 19.7 mm

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