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Discover your new sound with our baroque flute headjoints. Made with the greatest care, they are designed to offer you a sound similar to a baroque transverso.

Its oval mouthpiece, smaller than that of modern flutes, gives these headjoint a soft sound perfect for chamber music or to give a totally different timbre to your flute. It respect the different angles developed by master maker Albert Cooper. This facilitates sound projection and tonging, while allowing the production of the wide range of timbres typical of the baroque flute.

Lavoie professional headjoints are made from knot-free pieces of wood that have been dried for more than 5 years. The rings and tenon are made of faux ivore, ensuring durability and elegance.

All baroque headjoints come with a crown and a lightweight cap*, which ensure a very mellow sound typical of wooden flutes, ideal for a more discreet repertoire of music.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase our protection and maintenance kit**. This will allow you to keep your headjoint in good condition and keep it in good condition for decades. The protection and maintenance set consists of a case, an oiling stick, a cap adjustment stick, a wiping stick and a cleaning wipe. wiping.

*See our stopper/crown systems

** See our maintenance package

*** See the list of dimensions of the most popular flute tenons.

Technical Specifications:

- Materials: Boxwood or grenadilla dried for more than 5 years

- Rings and Tenon: faux ivoire

- Crown/stopper Options: Wood

- Small oval embouchure


- Different sound than the modern flute headjoint

- Warm sound

- Competitive price

Baroque Flute Headjoint

  • If the wood cracks during transport (which has never happened to me), we will cover the return transport as well as sending a new head to your home.

  • Perfect tenon fit is crucial for optimal resonance. Although transverse flutes have a similar inside diameter (19mm), the thickness of the tube varies. The Lavoie head tenons are perfect for flutes with tenons with an external diameter of 19.7 mm***. Your technician can easily adjust the post if necessary. If the diameter of your flute is larger, you can simply add metallic adhesive paper** to the tenon of the head. If you cannot consult a technician and the diameter of your flute is too small, we can have the tenon adjusted for your specific model by a specialist technician at an additional cost.

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