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Low whistles, these Irish flutes with a deep and melancholic sound, captivate musicians around the world. Although their impressive size and unique tone are often the first features to attract attention, the mouthpiece of these instruments plays a crucial role in the quality of the sound produced. Inspired by these, Lavoie heads are made with grenadilla wood and are designed to be played with a modern flute.

The Anatomy of the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of a low whistle is where the musician blows to produce the sound. It mainly consists of two parts: the nozzle and the air channel. The mouthpiece, often made of plastic or wood, is the part that the musician blows directly into. The air channel, in turn, guides the breath towards the bevel, where it is cut to create the vibration necessary for sound production.​

The Impact on Technique and Sound

The shape and size of the mouthpiece directly affect the playing technique and sound quality of the low whistle. A musician must adapt his blowing technique depending on the embouchure to obtain the best possible sound.

  • Breath and control: A well-designed mouthpiece allows for better breath control, which is essential for playing subtle nuances and varied dynamics. Experienced players can exploit these characteristics to add emotion and expressiveness to their game.
  • Articulation and clarity: A mouthpiece with a good air channel facilitates clean articulation of notes, essential for the fast passages and ornaments typical of Celtic music. This also allows for better clarity in the intonation of low and high notes..

Lavoie Low Whistle flute headjoints

The Lavoie Low Whistle flute headjoints are made from pieces of grade B grenadilla that have been dried for more than 5 years. The ring is made of Aluminum and has the advantage of remaining shiny and polished for a very long time compared to brass. The tenon is made of brass, guaranteeing durability.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase our protection and maintenance kit**. This will allow you to keep your head in good condition and keep it in good condition for decades. The protection and maintenance set consists of a case, an oiling stick, a cap adjustment stick, a wiping stick and a cleaning wipe. wiping.

** See our maintenance package

*** See the list of dimensions of the most popular flute tenons.

Technical Specifications:

- Materials: grenadilla (Dalgerbia melanoxylon) dried for more than 5 years

- Bagues et Tenon : Aluminium et Brass

Avantages :

​- Sound similar to the original Low Whistle flute

- Exceptional projection

- Competitive price

Low Whistle Flute Headjoint

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