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            Alexandre Lavoie is a musician and maker of high-end wooden flutes. He began playing the flute at the age of 17 and studied classical flute at college, jazz flute at university and completed a master's degree in the intonation of Indian classical music. After a career as a musician and teacher of piano and flute, he undertook the development of professional wooden flute heads. To achieve this result, he did private training with Jonathan Landell for the manufacture of heads, in addition to having taken a course in machining at the trade school of the aerospace to learn the basics of machining. He also received four scholarships for his business with the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec and the Cultural Enterprise Development Corporation. This allowed him to follow several training courses for digital programming (CAD/CAM).

           He sold his first Boehm head in 2017, but it was his meeting with Albert Brouwer (solo flutist of the OSM) in 2019, which allowed him to greatly improve his product and thus be able to manufacture high quality heads. Since that time, a good number of professional flautists or advanced students from Montreal and Quebec have played with the Lavoie heads in various concerts, including several concerts at the OSM, and album recordings.

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Bourse de perfectionnement du CALQ pour étudier la fabrication de têtes Boehm avec Jonathan Landell.

Bourse de perfectionnement du CALQ pour étudier la programmation CNC.

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Bourse de la SODEC accordée pour la
réalisation de votre projet soumis dans le cadre du Programme d'aide aux artisans et aux entreprises en métiers d'art.

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