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Edyelwys Silva

Originally from Brazil, Edyelwys Silva is a flautist active in the greater Montreal region (Canada). He has had the opportunity to join numerous orchestras and collaborate in various chamber music projects, both in Brazil and in Canada.


Edyelwys Silva obtained his bachelor's degree in music at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in 2013. In winter 2017, he completed a master's degree in performance with distinction, under the direction of Denis Bluteau at the University of Montreal (UdeM). Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral program in performance at the Faculty of Music of UdeM with Denis Bluteau and Sylveline Bourion.


Edyelwys Silva has participated in numerous international festivals including the Orford Music Academy (Canada), the Campos do Jordāo festival (Brazil), the Eleazar de Carvalho festival (Brazil) and the Domaine Forget Festival (Canada). He has obtained several prizes and scholarships such as the First Prize for young soloist from the UFRN orchestra (2012, Brazil), the First Prize for young soloist from the Eleazar de Carvalho festival (2012, Brazil), the Christian Lardé scholarship and Marie-Claire Jamet (2017, Canada) and the graduate studies excellence scholarship from the Faculty of Music of UdeM (2016-2017-2020, Canada).


Over the past 15 years, Mr. Silva has had the opportunity to express another of his passions: teaching the flute. He was a lecturer at UFRN University (Brazil) and was a full professor in the Brazilian government program PRONATEC (Programa Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Técnico e Emprego). In 2017, he created and hosted the First International Flute Meeting in Cruzeta-RN (Brazil) as director as well as teacher of flute and chamber music. Currently, Edyelwys Silva runs her own online flute studio for young flautists around the world. His La Flûte workshop has students from Europe, South America and Canada. In Montreal, he holds the position of professor of transverse flute and chamber music within the association Partageons l’Espoir.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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